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Do I need special training to participate in marathons and to end it?

Attempts that show personally show that no preparation is necessary to finish as a race. And this is how to keep in mind that his first long jog (about 5 miles) I did after recovering from a herniated disc. The situation was the following:

Within a month I was completely immobilized - the only position in which to lie down was polosvet one side, in which posture just experienced much, but tyrima pain. In any other position, the pain was terrible. It turned out that I have the worst dalnostroy paramedian hernia at level L5-S1 with degenerative disc changes of the lumbar segment of the spine (referring to the cross). Painkillers were completely ineffective. The doctors said that cannot help me other than my work, so to call them when I started paralititan. In addition, was firmly convinced that the pain in my feet and will remain until the end of my life - the will decrease a little bit, if treated successfully, but never fully atsumi. We are talking about pain along the sciatic nerve, which is squeezed out of the disc of the vertebrae in the area on the cross, and the bitter attack until the way down to the toes, concentrating in different places throughout the leg. Anyway, the doctors was drastically wrong. Continue reading Do I need special training to participate in marathons and to end it?