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The power of consumers or can we change Corporation

Can we do something on this issue? Of course, solutions are very simple. The problem is that no one cares about the murders, exploitation, hunger, disease, and other places in the world until it touches personally. Standard excuse: "I can't change anything!". Such a statement can attack at three points. First, you say that nothing can change without any tried it, did the minimum effort - to put it mildly, unfounded and is typical for molluscs, even if this is true in most cases. Secondly, we have ample evidence that individuals, and that ordinary people can change things. And third and most important: the situation should not change the "I" – we can change it We: all users. One person can easily be forced to hide: through bribery, threats and smear campaigns corporations. However, they can't react in the same way for a custom of public pressure. Corporation, as well as the Almighty can't imagine to bribe all can't kill all, can not oliveti all, because the profit will disappear, and with them the Corporation. From you comes the power of corporations. It depends on us much more than most people understand. We can influence, and this has been proven on many sites, where ordinary people have stopped paying attention, in a very large Corporation that they are powerless and can't change anything and began to act. Even the weakest can change something if they are combined. Can change the economy completely. What happens, for example, if all women decide I don't need griminal and stop buying the river of the products of the cosmetic industry. Thousands of companies will fail, and cosmetics or do you have to change or disappear. But if we buy Nike shoes, Puma or Adidas, if you stop eating products Nestle. These corporations exist for us because we pay them, we indirectly Finance the exploitation, slavery and killing people in other parts of the world. And we can stop them. Especially now, in the Internet era, when obedineniya and NGOs much easier. We can safely innogame the corporations do well when they don't want it. And they rarely participate in events that take away from profit even a cent. But first, to finish something. Such "animal" as a free market does not exist. This is a fantastic character, some of which you can be shitnya, which continues introduces more and more ways to win than those who have nothing to do.

The free market is that self-regulation is a theoretical construct that would exist in an ideal market, as in not really there. Not to mention that even in theoretical models do not take into account factors such as greed, racism, cruelty, murder, lies, government, mafia, disorganized crime, ekologichni accident, lack of water, and more. Even in theory, the market may not really be free – it depends on people and their emotions. In the doctrine neoliberalsim economists market is individuals, depends on several key factors, which was done to facilitate theoretical considerations and mathematical calculations. In this kind of market, perhaps, would be the conventions, what really like this does not exist nor ever existed. The main factor is greed. For example, for shoes that are made of the workers 40 cents in inhuman conditions, Nike make more than $ 100. Commodity prices in most corporations does not depend on the producer price, surovina and transportation costs. The signs themselves are only dealing with advertising and marketing and revenue collection. The prices are very arbitrary and depend on the greed of corporations. The real price of a few dollars and advertise it to inflate beyond recognition. De facto we do not pay for shoes, and the ads that we promutual them. If the wage is changing, even with only 40 cents apiece, the workers could live with times better. But she wouldn't do that because they have a profit. But their main essence of profit, regardless of how they were obtained, because they do not correspond to individual registration before the law. Can't go to jail (have you seen some of the Corporation behind bars!), and the best-very be sentenced to a fine, which most corporations already her and ensure her vkushat a handle on costs. Only that it can be changed from us. When the civil unites millions of users say they will buy products only those corporations that increase wages and reduce several hundred times higher salaries of managers, improve working conditions and to solve trade unions, some corporations will pay attention. Thus, in case of failure to comply with the requirements of the consumer who actually gives money for new corporate millionaires, each Corporation will bonaterra in stages, and its goods will not be purchased anymore. For more will encourage all users to stop buying products in the most remote  Corporation that and change it will be too late, because it killed enough people.  She will be bankrupt and will serve as a lesson.

Then the rest will become clear that the market has already started to be conventions, and if you do not make the necessary improvements needed to consumers will follow the fate of already bankrupt Corporation. Then will include and shareholders, if you are smart enough and don't want to lose all of its assets.

The ideal would be if all countries not only to impose a ban on wages below the social minimum and to allow trade unions, but also start to enforce the laws and punish the violation of them. Even several smaller States, not to communicate, the system will work, because they can't  to assume all corporations will be forced to pay normal wages for normal working hours in all other countries. But even without an international agreement at the state level, the international Union of consumers can diprolene a lot of things and to induce the Corporation to earn wealth, despite their reluctance. Feel free to use their greed: to ensure normal working conditions, you will earn more. So no one will lose.