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Bhavet mobile operator

Mtel has lost a lot of customers, and the only thing they do (instead of excuse their mistakes) to promote themselves constantly using famous personalities and constantly held games with prizes. Yes, but that won't work. Below I will post an article that I wrote in 2011 - apparently, some people can not learn!

I invite all that have not been satisfied in M-tel, to terminate contracts or not renew them, which means to fill in a request one month before the expiry of the contract. After the user of the mobile operator believes that it can earn at the expense of ordinary people, I think you need to react accordingly. Once they offer us a share principle, the same principle should be attached to their work. After not to perform their duties, cheat on the accounts themselves make it difficult to use your services, the answer is obvious: change the operator! When a mobile service provider to stay without a large part of its subscribers, we will see if will continue to behave arrogantly. If the aim of economic sepuku to continue in the same spirit. And the firm itself prazacka, no one can do better.

Why people are unhappy: the Story is not very long, but the problem has already lasted too long.

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