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Why maps of the Earth not to be true!

Is it possible our whole basic idea about the Earth and continents to this misconception!

It turns out that Yes!

For nearly 5 centuries, people around the world are forming to imagine that the continents on the basis of inaccurate mapping methodology, which roughly lie on the scale tracts of land. The first modern Atlas of the world, known with the Latin name Lets Talk About Orbis Terrarum is 1570g. a Flemish cartographer and geographer Abraham Ortelli that uses published a year earlier from Gerardus Mercator's projection on the Ground. The problem with this projection is that greatly distorts the scale of territories with their transition from the equator. As it is based on the rule that the lines of meridians and Parallels present themselves as totally straight and perpendicular to each other, plaskota display in the form of Land and sky image from East to West and from North to South. Though it is not known what method was used Mercator for mapping, suggesting that he just preeshl drawn on a globe, Parallels and meridians on a square surface  and then nahodil the distance between them so that they intersect at right angles. As a result of all who study the maps, created by Mercatornet projections (and they are used everywhere and until today) perceive a misconception about the relative scale of the geopolitical territories worldwide. Continue reading Why maps of the Earth not to be true!