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I write only about books that I read personally!

Books about books the first 6 were fine novels about books, and the rest of the documentary to review the history, development of genres, book publishing, and changes to reading taking place in the future as a result of digital devices:

"Knigarnya island" Gabrielle Zevin

The city Synovate books, city diamete of the book: Knowidea - Walter Mears

The shadow of the wind - Carlos Ruiz Savona

Fahrenheit 451 - ray Bradbury

The book thief - Markus Zusak

A story of love and darkness - Amos Oz

“Book geniuses” Rosen Tachov (Russian)

History of reading - Alberto Eagle

It's not the end of the book - Umberto Eco, Jean-Claude Carriere

Beneath the surface: How the Internet affects reading, writing and memory - Nicholas Carr

From Alexandria to the Internet Ian Macneal and Lisa Ulystyn

Banknotes and dreams, between the cover - media, books and mass book publishing - albert Benbasat

My nenapirali books - George Stiny

How to talk about books we haven't read - Pierre Bayard

Six walks in the fiction woods - Umberto Eco

“Profession-the reader”- Bernhard Beer

Humoristic stories that are worth reading from the book "Humorous stories from great writers":

1. Bill of one million dollars - mark TWAIN

2. Journalism in Tennessee mark TWAIN

3. Candylicker Ghost - Oscar Wilde

What is genialnoe in the book "Unlock your mind: Become a genius!"

Stanislav Muller is the latest offshoot of Soft psevdonauka in the last decade Siberia and its universities and academies, have nothing to do with science. Among all the information that provides can not be extracted from real lies and fiction, because Mueller without any shyness announced their obvious guesses and fantasies for the scientific truth, and mix them with the actual effects and the power of the subconscious. According to the technology invented allegedly by him surfovanie can, through a special change of mood with phrases that we repeated during an altered state of consciousness, while we've been in touch with our rossyskaya, become a few lessons amazing mathematicians, to start drawing like a Pro to repeatedly improve memory studying languages at a negative time to stop the bleeding, samolukovo to udayavani endurance and improve athletic achievements, struggle with alcoholism in the initial stage, to improve Krasnopole, become speakers for two days to get rid of addictions and fears, improving sleep, dealing with intelligence on neroden fetus (this meaning does not exist, the human embryo in the first months beremennosti also acquired a more human form and have not developed the brain) and understand the desires of unborn babies with the technique of automatic writing. And that's not all than surf the vast achievements of his methodology. The so-called "psychologist" Stanislav Muller says about the karmic contradictions from previous lives, and for children who even before birth is not like the stories, read from their mothers and not uspokaivali in the womb until they poznali to read the higher mathematics or physics. He and others like him pseudogene was reached the following conclusions:

– the subconscious, the child understands and remembers everything before the birth; (Absolute nonsense - before birth there is no subconscious, which, moreover, is able to reason and remember. Nerazviti the brain of the newborn will increase several times before starting to call the first synapses are formed and to create different repositories conscious and nishznaia memory).

– the subconscious mind of the unborn child can freely interact with the subconscious mind not only the mother but also to other people; (here creates a new pseudo-region- "podsypanina telepathy" between the unborn child and strangers, and this despite the complete absence of thought and any system of communication)

– the subconscious mind perceives not only the words, the mood, the emotions, but in some cases, even thoughts of the mother; (this person is sometimes actually forget - as bryologie not even deserve attention; Mr. Mueller says about the supernatural abilities of children who can read my mother's mind, and to perceive the words - if indeed it was the case with psychology would know that this is not how to become before the baby obladala language system, and if he did not, so far, in most sensitive period, you will never learn to speak.)

– on a subconscious level the child can freely Express their desires, needs, even show a sense of humor; (new five - unborn babies with the wishes and sense of humor)

– the subconscious mind of the child can freely interact with other people, including through automatic writing; (unborn babies, dictybase mother - just awesome)

– podzhigateli the meaning of the child's level of understanding of the world, much nedeshevo level of understanding conscious thought of the average adult; (missed only to offer them to members of legislative bodies only to better understand the world, I think that unborn babies should we uprovlyat)

– the subconscious mind long before the birth, maybe sets specific goals and achieves them; (here the subconscious mind is transformed into an independent organism that sets himself goals and to implement them alone - for what is it in this case pozhinaniya body)

From fictional Muller vrykolakas is used to create a total of 10 original courses, among which it is possible to observe such nonsense as "Information matrix past lives", as well as courses (in the areas from which he does not and concepts) as "Suryanarayana method according to Lozanov (simplified version)". Not only that, completely ignorant to Suggestopedia in Lausanne, but it is here where every Bulgarian can accuse of lying, even we can't "catch spatiate" in relation to other claims of successful training and hundreds of satisfied people and scientists. For almost three pages Stanislav Muller is unable to provide any reliable fact to our countrymen - even tried specifically, it would be hard to achieve, any suggestion that this is a lie, but he does it. See for yourself, a quote from his information misinformation with comments in brackets from me:

"More than 30 years ago, known in narrow scientific and military circles of the Bulgarian scientist Georgi Lozanov has gained worldwide fame, thus the reason for the reputation was not his discovery into methods for remembering and spetsoperatsiya on a grandiose disinformation for Western special services. (False - Professor Lozanov and his techniques have nothing to do with military or intelligence services, and were of no interest to them)

Lozanov was initially known as a talented scientist, a psychotherapist, orientalist, specialist in Raja yoga and some other types of yoga. (False - is known, first, as a neurologist, and a psychiatrist, and then begins to go into psychotherapy, not orientalist, nor is the specialist in any kind of yoga), in Accordance with the basic tenets of the doctrine drevneevreyskoe, hypermnesia (the phenomenal ability to remember or history information) is the ability to enter a special state in which a person gains access to data stored not in the head, and in the countries of the world in space where he relies. Going into this state of yoga can several days in a row to quote by heart lines from the Upanishad, without repeated or sgreat, thus they do it without apparent effort and will not lose previously weeks and months to learn.

Lozanov allocates a lot of time and effort to the study of these conditions and managed to establish certain patterns, further study and the use of which created the preconditions for a real breakthrough in this direction. (False - not investigated this state, nor to exclude from the text of the same laws)

Having considerable knowledge and unique ability to synthesize the received information, the scientist continued to improve his method by performing new experiments and came to technology, obessmertil his name. (False - not used any unique abilities or spend some incredible experiments - just use the scientific method with control groups). Then the doctoral thesis in the Soviet Union, writing that the continuation of scientific research. (A lie - not to speak of the doctoral thesis in the Soviet Union, the book says pretty late, and studies have to interrupt for some time)

Outdoor of the method allows to memorize 100, 200, 500 and even over 1000 foreign words in one session. (False) to Something else, people can begin to learn a foreign language from scratch. The relations of these classes, they not only do amorevoli, but rather vystudoval nervous system and podozrevali fiziologicheskie their performance.

When the original method used for the preparation of various serious partners, found abroad, began a genuine hunting for a method to Lozanov. Spy stories, with the work of counterintelligence, tracking, and deaths. (The lies and mumbo-his enemy)

In order to be fastened method from the encroachments of Western intelligence, it was decided to conduct a large-scale disinformation campaign. One component of the miracle technology was the inclusion in the classroom on the sound rhythm with a frequency of 60 beats per minute, which provided synchronizers impact on the work of both hemispheres of the brain participants in the experiment. (False - do not use sound rhythm and music, and not use the same frequency)

At the invitation of European scientists Lozanov went on with demonstrations and activities abroad. To deceive Western experts during his lectures originally included the rhythm of 74 beats per minute, which does not create any phenomenal effects. Parallel to this were to include other components in its methodology. A few minutes after the beginning of an example rhythm is smoothly traversed with frequency 74 impact frequency 60 blows. As a result, the effect of suryananda the lecture Lozanov was there, and to reproduce all the technology without it Western experts did not improvise, because the attempt to simulate a brilliant technology that they have included the frequency of 74 beats per minute, and did not receive the resonance effect between all constituent parts. (False - led lectures and workshops, and presentations and not secretal methodology)

In the end, according to one version of the phenomenon as a whole, this work was recognized by lichnostnyi factor. So, Lozanov has an extraordinary gift to teach people foreign languages, which turn all of these unusual effects suryanarayana. (False) and Only many years later in the West were still able to accurately model all the above technology and get very good results. (False) But not so impressive. (Lee) Obviously, lichnostnyi factor sometimes plays a crucial role. Although Lozanov-trained students both in Bulgaria and in the Soviet Union, today, this technology does not give in full in our country. (Lie - has not prepared any students in the Soviet Union, and the Bulgarians training Lozanov very little, and most of them received their qualification outside of Russia), "English in a month!"- sounds tempting, isn't it? But while all this is in the past or in the future.

Naturally, I was interested in getting this technique, and after receiving some necessary knowledge I was able to train the people in habits for memorizing almost any of the special sessions that I call "Suryanarayana according to the method of Georgi Lozanov". (False - it is Very interesting why after was interested in this technique obviously knows absolutely nothing about it, and the top allow himself even allegedly to teach the foreign method, which did not even bother to read something, in General, top-to-top. I recommend it to read the book "Suggestopedia – Desuggestive learning", Georgi Lozanov, 2005, ed. "SV.Kliment Ohridski“, Sofia. Mr. Muller doesn't even know what the name of the technique itself Lozanov, but also taught others to her. But this is something usual for her to teach things that are not understood. According to him, with the help of NLP we can determine whether the interviewee's lying or telling the truth - a statement that is inherently not true.)

Stage of the training, which show, using the described technology, although not include all components of this genius of the methodology, however, allows people to learn, briefly, to learn how to memorize 100 foreign words in two hours. (This is not true, and even if it were true, it is not the primary purpose of history - writing Professor Lozanov) pridobiti habit can be used at home.“

Genialnoe in the book of Stanislav Muller is that he found meaning and ignorant people, to highlight it, and then gullible readers, who, to deceive and to buy it.  

The subconscious

If you want to read this scientific books about the subconscious mind, thus presented with a fascinating, must-read "Miracles" Leonard Mlodinow.

FAMR appeared in 90-ies of XX century, and now scientists can use data collected from your brain in order to reproduce the picture of what to watch - or rather a very good approximation.

From it you will learn how vision and hearing to fill in the gaps with assumptions or non-existent images and sounds. What is the relationship between time and indexes on the stock markets in 26 countries between 1982 and 1997. Then the gaps in the memory with the workmanship and firmly believe in them. What is the "blind vision", and how can a blind man will see the face that does not see happy or angry. How expectations influence their perceptions. Why black show nachzahlen of racism on black and a lot of different facts about group dynamics, feelings, Personality, as well as a large variety of social experiments.

"The bed of the Amazon“ this is a fascinating story about one of a kind expedition along the most pylevidnuju rivers and in areas with the most great species diversity on Earth. 9 Aug 2010. Ed Stayrd became the first in the history of man, all traveled along the Amazon river from its source at the top of Nevado Mismi to the Atlantic ocean where it empties. A lot of regular dangers, journey ed lasts almost two and a half years (from 2008 to 2010.- more than 8000 km, syrvey over 860 days, 733, who accompanies him and helps him peruanita Gadiel "Cho" Sanchez Rivera) and does not require exceptional physical and mental endurance. Through expeditiile your Ed seeks to educate the public about environmental issues and to inspire people to believe that they can achieve their dreams.

The city Synovate books (One novel of Zamonia Dragon Mithology)- Walter Mears


This is a fantastic novel about Knowidea, the city where everything revolves around Showsite books: they kill, they eat, they live. In this city so call Antiquaria books. For merchants, they are neither quite alive nor quite dead, and are in the intermediate phase, as in a dream. Real life was ahead of decomposition, and they dozed off millions and billions on bookshelves, chests, basement and catacombs Knowidea. But when poiskovy arms hack  and opened one of them when someone to buy them and accept, they Wake up to a new life.

The history of the City Synovate books and the country Zamonia, in the Cemetery of forgotten poets and Book the resort, crystal Forest, Devil's kitchen, Cameras, lovenote echo, Diamond garden, the star of the catacombs, Kogenate cave, the Palace of shadows (built of books) and a Library of mPas.

This single story Dragon Mithology about the search for the unknown author who wrote the best work ever seen the white light while was obsessed with the ORM:

"Had it unexpectedly. OPM released his spirit, he put it in one place, far in the Universe where all ideas in art intersect and merge. Would the planet is, without substance, without life, without even a single atom of matter, but so many strapona imagination, Karal nearby stars to dance. There everyone could plunge into pure imagination and energy that otherwise was unavailable throughout our lives. One second in its field was sufficient to carry an entire novel. It was a supernatural place, where the laws of nature, there sizes were piled up one upon the other, as a disordered manuscript, the death was a stupid joke, and eternity a moment with eyes. After you returned, my friend was filled with words, sentences, and ideas - all complete and perfect, only had to sit down and write in black and white. Felt happy and confused at the same time it is strange how good things come from the pen of his and in fact, as little impact on them.“

The story of the king of shadows (human to decompose and transform into the invincible creature out of paper) and arhizlodey, servocroata of Viscometer Smayk who thinks he can control everything and everyone, and that only by his lust for power is important.

One story about beloglavec of Colophony Djelovanje and his book on the catacombs and hunters books, looking for lost irretrievably samples infinitely valuable books belonging to the Gold list, while killing each other.

Main characters: dragons, nervousely, grozavesti, Prasolova, mesopause, Aditi, polugodiya, myglobin, Momeni, knighti, rusty dwarves, knigoizdanie (small cyclopcedia, was named after someone by the author, all whose works you know by heart: they need only water, air and dusty - tired of reading), the weeping shadow, Sogeti or gigantochloa, harpie, pahi and Dangerous books (books-the pitfalls, toxicomane, analphabets terrorist books, nastygal books, flying books and live books).

The shadow of the wind - Carlos Ruiz Savona 

It is a novel about books and about people!

This is a story, starting from the Cemetery of forgotten books, which explains it better than the father of the protagonist:

" This place, Daniel, mystery, one sanctuary. Every book, every volume you see here, has a soul. The soul who wrote it, and soul of readers who him for this and present never could. Every time this book gets to one of the hands, every time someone glanced at the pages, its spirit grows and strengthens. Many years ago, when my father brought me here the first time, this place was already old. Old as the city itself, I guess. No one knows for sure when it is, or who its creators. Will tell you the same thing my father told me. When any library disappear when any bookstore closed dverite when any book to sink into oblivion, we, the guardians, whom we know is a place we have a concern, they come here. These are the books that no one remembers, books, lost in time, live forever, waiting for the day fall into the hands of a new reader, a new spirit. In dukana them buy and sell, but in fact they do not have an owner. Every book that you see here was the best friend of someone. (...) According to custom, when someone visited the site for the first time, should choose a book that will - and make it to ensure that it will never disappear, forever to stay alive. This is very important, a promise, a promise for life. Now it's your turn.“

In General, if you remove all the supernatural fantasies can remain fairly short, lovely and motivational books. But presently man enough to watch the bibliography and recommended with Arielle Essex of books (including a bunch of pseudosocialist on non-existent science, technology, and methods of treatment, including really mentally ill authors, as the woman who speaks with a native alien) that it became clear to him that such a book does not exist to enrich poznovatelno, or emotionally.

To Pozarevac of joy – ray Bradbury

In the book of publishing house "Bard" (out of print 2017.) "Pozarevac joy" by ray Bradbury includes stories that previously existed "451º Fahrenheit. Interestingly, the story "after midnight" and "Poeniteat", which occupy almost half of the book (from 159 to 317 pages) the same (with minor differences in some detail: for example, that in one of them, the story is talking about the Bible and the other book on Shakespeare; one of the options mentioned that the main character hides quite a lot of books to the fence outside the house, and in the other that moment to miss, but due to this same book, Shakespeare was burnt down twice, and other similar minor non-compliance) and, in addition, that there is no need to read both, it becomes not clear, what sense to publish in one book. Maybe to fill?

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