The movement of "Enough already"

Do not be slaves of things! Free yourself and explore!

Podavaite or sell things that you don't use. If you were piled up with unnecessary things. If you have something whose existence you had completely forgotten, it means you do not need to get rid of it. Don't buy things that you don't use.
Feed with quality food to avoid promutual later substandard medicines.

Move for fun, not to go to the doctor.

Look for good people not to enter, only the bad.

Organize with like-minded people to not find yourself, only in groups with victims!

And believe in yourself and others will believe in you!


It is important to understand. The more you have, the more bias in hand, because you turn into a slave of their own possessions. Use things, but not collecting them - it's not necessary.

To free your life from Viktoria 

How many things actually have long want to free yourself, continue to accumulate in your home? Things that waste not only because they were gifts, widgets, brought from travels or something? If you poznata of conscience is the only reason why you keep these things around, drop them. Even now. If you are one of people who when cleaning pay three times the objects while to get them back in their place, because he might need them someday, be a radical. All you potrebovala still, you will not be required in the future. You can throw it away.

The need to possess is an eternal battle in which there are few winners and many losers

Bernhard Modyl tells a personal story, in which a daring theft, he was stripped of all his possessions:

"I have been abroad, and suddenly no longer had a plane ticket and passport. I had no money, I have a sleeping bag I had no clothes, no nothing. Don't have anything at the beginning is also a special feeling. Suddenly you feel naked and says. People walk past you, they have a home, clean clothes, and enough money to buy everything. You think everyone can see that already have nothing. After, however, primary with the feeling that I can't change the situation, this period proved to be the most relaxed time in my life. I could sleep where I want, without having to prepartum Luggage for legs from fear, not for me to steal it. People whom I told my story, helped me as best they could. Who couldn't give me money, give me food or clean underwear, or just me poilvache good things. Was free as never before in my life. Then I realized how few things actually need.

Impulse we buy new things that will soon lose its novelty, especially when compared to the latest versions, called the Effect of naprasno efforts. It was explored in Daniel Kahneman and his colleagues while they worked on the psychology of hedonism. People buy new products and short feel very happy, but then you get used to them and their feelings of well-being decreases rapidly to the initial levels.

Most of the things we produce to sell each other and ourselves, print, grain, garbage more and more luxury, specialized goods, such as electronic masaari in slepochnye and personal hyperbaric chamber or inexpensive Presolana prepared food and clothing odnodnevki. As each of these items are unhealthy is in production, it contains something invaluable: on the one hand, sub-human intellect, on the other-natural resources - what has been taken from forests, rivers or soil and cannot be replaced as fast as consumed. Spend all your our brain and our ednick the world for the development, production and consumption of things we don't need and not good for us.

The monk and the General

In Shaolin to tell the story of a General who had ridden a horse, sprawozdan of the soldiers. One day met a Zen monk who was deep in meditation. The General, pulled a face and his podvinul:

– Hey, you! The monk! To my way!

The monk sat still and silent.

– Are you deaf? Couldn't have been me you heard? I told you to drive off from the road.

But the monk remained motionless and silent.

General it vynal terrible, from his horse:

– You must not know who stands before you? Before you stands a man who could kill you at any moment, without batting an eye.

Then the monk raised his eyes and said:

– You probably don't know who you are! Before you stands a man who can die at any moment, without batting an eye.

Sage and tiger

 Every neophyte in the Shaolin monastery knows the story of mycraze, which was released on the same high plateau to descend. Suddenly heard at some distance behind puchi tiger, who apparently was close to him. In order to escape from the tiger, the man Hucknall to run hard, but ran right straight into the abyss. The tiger came closer and closer. In technical analysis people pritisnem to the edge and began to slide down. At the last moment managed to grab a root. But above him was a tiger underneath the abyss. There was no escape. All escape routes were closed. Then the man saw right in front of a wild strawberry. Tore it lapal her and said to her: "How delicious this strawberry!"

Vincit omnia veritas - Truth conquers all

The gentleman began to realize that this zobrazen everywhere from unnecessary things that are never used. But this finding was not reached quickly, and it took him a few decades, because he never was true serious saravasti the essence of things". They have already applied depends mainly due to the image of his life. Was a student in another city, and after often on the road and not zadyraka linger in your home.

Before that, most importantly, the understanding he reached by introspection, but only after the face butt with a mental illness on three women - his relatives, who suffered from syndrome accumulation (syndrome collector) and vasavada constantly. One was already completely lost for the cause of mental health and normal life after was not an appropriate treatment when necessary, and this will have an effect. The problem was Pedalo with contempt all his relatives, who consider themselves that eventually everything will be better and their sarinat from unwanted family member will understand their own problems and do something about it. This attitude is only a manifestation of ignorance and unwillingness and to take responsibility for any changes. Because here we are not talking about physical sickness, when we published the symptoms themselves, and sometimes to understand the reason. (For example, when we can't walk long, and at the same time we become more and more thick, the problem is obvious.) When part of the mental illness lacks any self-awareness - not as I understand your problem, if you are inside it. It is difficult that you can create a design beyond a particular situation and watch from the side, as an impartial observer, even if you have no brain problems. It's just not going to happen. To expect from someone mentally ill to understand their problems and solve it alone-it's like we expect the bacteria that cause some diseases, to understand what's hurting us, and to kill himself, or, in other words, it's stupid.

These relatives of the Lord With me, beyond any control. One woman was filled with a two-bedroom apartment with garbage from floor to ceiling and even the door barely opened. And the stench from the decaying organic waste ratnasari around the entrances - even the neighbors were spynele to the police because I thought that someone died there. It was not cockroaches, because their rats to die. Who do you think "care" about this woman - her niece with the same mental illness. And what was the use? Once the apartment was filled to the stop and became uninhabitable old woman was provided with a garage, in which you can collect the new garbage.

In the end, the gentleman decided to get rid of all the old and unnecessary, limiting us the freedom of movement. Although initially it was assumed that has a lot of things, as they were scattered in different places for a bit, turned out to be the happy owner of a huge number of things, the existence of which he was already completely forgotten. That is, for him, moreover, that was clearly unnecessary, they have not survived, but saemah place and gathering dust. Decided to sell and the largest rucksack 70+10 litres. Before that, he used it in all his travels around the country, and it was almost always full, but after the sale I suddenly found that it is enough and a backpack of 20-30 litres. It was a good example of the fact that man is conquering space, and not in accordance with their needs. The circumstances around the rider has not been changed, it needs not have been increased nor was cheaper, but the baggage of his sharply Alekna only the result of a change of the backpack.

Oniomaniac it's compulsive desire to buy, not to think whether it was necessary and what the consequences. Buying soothes, relieves anxiety, gives life a sense of meaning and completeness, causes emotional and fills the buyer with the scope. According to statistics, 55 million Americans in the United States suffer from it, as the vast majority of them are women. Furthermore, women are more difficult to heal from addictions (alcohol, drugs, love). This is probably due to more strong-growing expression of the need for emotional experience: when a woman finds an opportunity to satisfy his emotional needs, and to take this interest very difficult.

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