Canyon Creek Ultramarathon 2017 (the First time)

In Ruse it is the first local ultramarathon rough terrain (along the Lom river) and wonder if you can book long-distance of 50 kilometers. I invited a friend to participate, and he, in this situation I would be included in premaratna 20 km with him. He was not involved before in any competitions in cross country, but almost every day I run for a bit (2-3 km) in the stadium. My idea was to see what is running outside the stadium and enjoy the atmosphere longer race among nature. My personal goal was just to finish, not that I did not doubt, because the distance was too short for me. Although I did not seek any advances in speed, I made a quick still works (and the first Palmerton terrain will be in full run without walking), finishing in 47th place in 2:10:07 (little water drank only podkreplen point on the route). After I had another ten people, ending rating, and an additional seven others were disqualified. Given that, as a rule, ultramarathoner I was in grad school among the latter, as I does, and I'm the last running, it was a good achievement. Especially under the condition that the average (our) distance for some reason was included and some of the best ultramarathons in Bulgaria (the first is quite expected took Kiril Nikolov-the diesel). More interesting, however, was that, despite serious competition, my friend finished first in their races on a hilly district on the 28-th place in 1:41:41. In the beginning of the race, because I'm not sure if he wants to run for fun or to develop some of his ambitions, I told him if does not want, does not run slow, nor to put up with my speed, namely your own rhythm that suits him best. Almost immediately after that, he oprasi ahead and make a steady run. Despite this great result, the area never runs, he finished the race disappointed. Can you guess why? Not because he was not the first, but because it was not able to catch up with this, the graduate in front of him. When I asked him whether he enjoyed a good nature, among which the Jogging, it turned out that is sacrificed in this part of the race because he was concentrical in speed, which was developed. To preschedule you never know, my friend, there are objective reasons to believe that they could to overtake the competitor who ultimately finished 37 seconds before it (at the same time, who took after him was only 9 seconds), and whether this is reason enough not to disappoint myself. First, he did not know the other runner, nor knew his capabilities, or form. It's possible that he could pull a very large distance, but on the condition that he was not in the top three, did not want it speeds up and gets tired more than the minimum required. The fact that someone might superficially look tired, it means nothing for a person who doesn't know him. He really may have enough capacity and mental stability to run another two marathons.

Secondly, why do koncentrera a man who graduated from it, and not the fact that he finished only 9 seconds in front of the other racer (which I don't think it depresia of this fact), that is not made to be outgrown. My friend didn't have enough knowledge or talent to assess who can and who can't win in a longer race. Didn't know when it was required to moisturize or maintain a food. It was Not trained for trail running. Didn't know when to slow down and when to accelerate, to save energy. Didn't know how to walk when running around the world and rise to the top. Wasn't experimenting with his abilities even when running in the stadium, but rather arrogant-that does not deserve praise for what works, and should be samanage with disappointment, because it was not possible to achieve something, came his moment, a meaningless goal. Assume that was able to overtake the front rider. He would have turned 27. So what?

What conclusion would draw from this little story, you decide. I can only tell you that it is not necessary to change the pleasure from the long run and the satisfaction from its own borders against any objectives that do not lead to nothing nagrado, especially if you have not been pre-defined.

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