OLX.ru - Greed and stupidity in one place

After numerous maloni and completely useless changes that makes the site and that, accordingly, they removed one of the biggest advantages, now try to practice, cunningly blackmail users. First, reduced categories as they are grouped into more General, then limited the number of free ads in each category (if you want to Puskas more lists, you'll have to pay extra), and only allow yourself to transfer, at its discretion, ads from a category that you did not put regardless free classifieds in the category in which you have no more right to free classifieds. Accordingly, if you want to have your ad remain on the site, you have to pay - even send you a link to help you more quickly give money. This happened to one of my free ads, in which the subject does not give (i.e. my profit is zero); - my other category, dezactivarea my ad and offered me to pay if I want to release it again. What courtesy only! When his myopic and stupid, but you want to make money, as does smart, thin bills will be you out through the nose. After Prodavali its name, the site took in completely the wrong direction and still its survival as a useful tool for honest transactions, seems increasingly doubtful.

Persenk ultra and Orehovo ultra 2015

A month and a half, I worked without a break, to get three consecutive days off for Persenk ultra. August 20 after work I was taken by car to Sozopol (thick), so I caught the bus to Burgas and from the sea - train to Plovdiv, which arrived in the morning 3h in 20 to 21 August. In the evening of the twenty-first it started raining, and I caught the last train from Plovdiv in Plovdiv, where race organizers announced that the start is delayed 12 a.m. midnight to 6 a.m., August 22, due to the mud and mist. In the morning it was expected, the conditions were more suitable. Some of the participants were in hotels in the city, and the rest were on mattresses in a sports hall. Explained to me how to get there, but was not very sure whether there are still any free places. Luck I met with one member of the race who came by car from Plovdiv and wondered if going to check on the gym, or returning to Plovdiv. Ultimately, in his car, we went to one of the neighborhoods of Plovdiv, we slept on them (all night lying heavy rain), shibogama in 5 hours and went back to Asenovgrad for the start in 6 hours. Continue reading Persenk ultra and Orehovo ultra 2015

The list of data to fraudsters

1. Nikola Stoyanov, wire. 0897943250, address: Sofia, bul. General Skobelev 62, VH. A - Orders goods on OLX, and it is up to the address (obviously, in order to get expensive) and generally stops, picks up the phone that left. Accordingly, there can be found and the goods will be delivered. I had to say Ekont to abandon my cargo because the cost of transport in both directions (if I had her return) was released three times higher than the price of spritedata product.

2. Phone number Memory (if at all, that's his name) from Ruse is 0877151647. Don't do business with him, very wrong. Wanted to make a purchase from me. We learned to meet him at a specified place at a convenient time. After I went to the meeting place and called on the phone, I realized that this man was refused. Started some explanations about how not talking with a person who currently uses the phone and his brother. As a rule, do not care if you lie or not - the more important it is that I lost precious time. I have nothing against someone to refuse, but at least it would be right to call and said implements within its powers the decision or at least to send a free message. Do not like, nalazi who believe that this is not a problem to waste my time on people.

3. Tatiana Robertoa Put every necessary for mere survival, the wire. 0889182873 is the data that I was given to send one tablet that no one bothered to pick them up from the office Ekont. You must be a bit of a sociopath and slightly stupid to do this kind of fraud, which did not win. I think it remains fun, that you could fuck someone with cod.

4. Another Scam, which the offender had no financial gain. I was charged with the product that I was expecting delivery on Saturday, so pre-written client Peter Stoyanov from Burgas (tel 0896844833), as explained, that I can send your order as soon as I get my package, but that means when it is early Monday morning. Directly asked him if this satisfies him, or if it was too late, and in General, do not take his product. The answer was that the proposal suits him. After the product was sent, but he, remaining in office for Ekont a whole week without customers to bother, I was told that if there was any reason not to pick up the order. I wrote to him twice in OLX, where it was evident that she had not read the message, and the following Monday I sent a SMS to the phone number as I asked him, if he refused to accept the order, I was informed that the goods can not be more than a standby provider. In response, I received a message that the person was gone abroad, and who had sent him to pick up the cargo, but I'm not her back, as he was very important and he was going to go home at the end of the month and then to pick her up. These messages assetmanage in the beginning of the month, so you can imagine how blatantly sounded to me someone wants to keep the load in the office at Ekont, provided that after a short period of stay of the soil, to charge, if the goods still takes place in the office. Even all this machinate not prenumerera, from my point of view it is a pure Scam after I received the approval of the customer when to ship the order, it does not even work I post here, he can't take it, and to top it off wants me to accumulate penalty fees, so you could get it at the end of the month - it is not at all how can I be sure that is true. The result is that the client does not get anything, and I nabuti with transport costs and lost time that is the most annoying.