Cribs, strollers and toys - who is more important: children or adults?

And the emergence and development of a particular industry depended on someone's misconception from an entirely different field, it can also be destroyed with a slightly different theory. To understand that our belief in something always used to win someone, so We, the consumers of the withdrawal of the financial empires, and we will smykem when we want, if we want. What happens when we realize that Cribs and cots, like almost all toys do not need our teenagers? Many companies go bankrupt, and you will discover a lot of unemployed people. So what? They will have to find a new job and produce something that you really need. This is a natural stage of any industry - can't work forever specific human pseudopatient. Our children are more important than profit to someone.

And where did all these kids "close"? Continue reading Cribs, strollers and toys - who is more important: children or adults?

Child vaccination schedule - ubijstvenno pseudo-scientific attack!

Why doctors want nalyst our children with all kinds of vaccines, before that, they built a fully own immune system, which becomes somewhere around 7-8 years. If the idea of the pharmaceutical industry continues to get rich by selling the vaccine, it is understandable. If the goal is to kill the corresponding child or make him blossom into a chronically ill adult, who all his life to pay the health-care system, it also makes sense. But the doctor who is motivated only care about people's health, you should not see any sense in the whole procedure. The idea of vaccine triggers an immune response to a specific minor of the aggressor, proizvedeni antibodies, in the hope that it will give a ready response of the body against the disease and to prevent it from being infected in the future. Then what is the point of a child who is currently building his own immune system to be upright, not against one disease (which is dangerous enough in itself), but against dozens of living and dead organisms contained in the vaccines (in the US, go to 36 vaccinations in the first two years of a child's life), and also in relation to toxic substances such as mercury and aluminum, formaldehyde, antibiotics and a bunch of "regelation" substances, as well as part of the vaccine. It looks like the attempt more successful it will be boring to a child. And he is successful. But who ever came up with a strict schedule of childhood vaccinations and why? Continue reading Child vaccination schedule - ubijstvenno pseudo-scientific attack!