Costa Concordia - the Ability to not learn anything from the tragedy (As, lysnes on the shore and you will not be able to get to it)

A shining example of what people do not know how to draw the right conclusions from Presidente accidents, or to learn from them was an incident with one ship, which could be simply-as a rule, the extreme experience for passengers, but turned into a tragedy. What I'm saying?

Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia gets the breakthrough, after stuck on a rocky reef region, the Italian coast at night and 4,200 passengers are trying to abandon ship, the lifeboats. The master reset nuclease on one side of the liner 1 hour before most of the people, for which it is responsible, that they took from pycnidia water ship. But this is not important. The main problem that specialists say could have been much worse. The results of casualties - 17 dead and 15 missing. Only that it is only one point of view. Also is it possible there is not a single victim would have died to zero. However, the ship stuck on the shore, and not even the sinking - one of its Council, which is underwater, resting on the crumbling cliff and the other in the morning, still above the surface. Most people are not at all vital decisions from the lifeboats: they were life jackets and had to swim less than 90 to the shore (and in some places the distance was 20-30m is not even need to know how to swim), the water temperature was 15ºC, which for Sarytash you have to stay in the water more than an hour - hardly anyone noedel so much time to dodrop to the shore "dog" (just 5 to 10 minutes, no more). Then why are there casualties? Even in the absence of any Plevna culture among most people, doesn't explain it. You need absolute NC to help you succeed to Davis under these circumstances. Never Spomenka of the reasons for the deaths, and it is very important to be able to draw the necessary conclusions. Error was not what it should do and what not to do. Inertia, a rule that in order to save the sinking ship necessarily need a boat they have played a very cruel joke. When you flipped it on the Bank, you are not necessary specialists in high-risk situations, no boats, no need to follow the procedures for evacuation in open sea, which in this case is, to put it mildly, impractical. People were two very basic options under which you would no of victims: jump and plasmas 50 m to the beach or sticking around to wait for him on Board the ship that remained above water, if you don't want to Makris. But I had someone to to tell them because panicogenic people rarely think logically, not who!

The first ultramarathon Chepelare tyrkalo (for cyclists and runners - 80 km total distance)

Chepelare tyrkalo, as a rule, it was hard, but nice contest with great views, consisting of four tyrkalo (second and last for about 18km, and the first and third more than 22 km). In the beginning of the race all huqnah forward, as if involved in some sort of sprinta discipline, and I was the last to not rushing on others to follow their own pace and have enough stamina to whole distance. Gradually I started to ispreserved quite bikers, because the marks runners have an advantage over them. Continue reading The first ultramarathon Chepelare tyrkalo (for cyclists and runners - 80 km total distance)