Important things only the real world can teach you

We don't remember about 80% of the content that we studied, and it was important for the school. Students do not have needed items that someone else considers  mandatory for their success, but just need the opportunity to acquire learning skills that will help them to learn the knowledge is important to them. The world and society are constantly changing, but the conservatism of the school does not want to change in turn. For children, however, it became another boring television channel that offers associated with their life. Learning is possible only where there is curiosity. The new role of the school is to odlicne curiosity in every child and give him wings. If we say, of all the curious children to learn without coercion, they will be impressed with the world of people who decided to study at a particular moment. All efforts to impose someone else's experience would be useless if it is irrelevant to their personal development and otkryvalka times. Sometimes lack of experience of children, helping them to open doors that are locked on adults because of their experience. We're all human beings and therefore share a number of characteristics that distinguish us as a species. However we are all different, both physically and mentally, and emotionally. Most we have different goals in life and different ways to achieve them, we love and are into different things, we learn in different ways, at different times and with different intensity. Human diversity is one of the most beautiful things - is the engine that moves the world. Here's why you should be at the heart of any system of education, which instead of us sredniawa to allow us to learn and improve individually and socially, and your own path to get to the important things only the real world can teach us.