The list of extreme adventures that you can enjoy alone or with friends

seabob cayagoWater extreme adventure:

1. Whirlpool jet-boat - Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada– a ticket costs $ 60.

2. Shotover jet- in the canyon Shotover, the city Queenstown in the South island New Zealand

With the many water to move from 80km/h in 10 cm of water and remarkably close to the rocks and canyon walls, for 25 minutes.

3. Seabob- on the beach Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The fastest underwater scooter in the world which can dive up to 45m from 16 to 19km/h With electric motor - the battery can withstand for 2 hours. Used since 2006. Costs 15 000 dollars, and rent for one day is $ 350.

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Paganini (2013)

OSven some great violins, the film was full of garbage. Input, trying to put out was what the libertine, and the player was Paganini, as the filth was his music and playing is wonderful and is well known thanks to aparitia of his work, but because of the deal with any fictional beings. To determine this biopic. Immediately catches the eye and is quite Nagato plagiarism from "Faust"- Paganini made a deal with the devil (even sign a contract) that against the glory,   you will receive, he will be the soul how to die. More smecheria I have not seen. Even at a fast pace is not worth watching.

Apocalypse Pompeii

Apocalypse Pompeii: the film involved a lot of Bulgarian actors and even in the 41st minute spoken two sentences into Russian language. In the 42nd minute, the Bulgarians samostrelova from some hot and evaporate in the air. A huge part of the dash team (a few dozen) and the leadership of the film were also Bulgarians.