Hidden weapons in advertising - Alexey Ivanov

In the book "Hidden weapons in advertising," I especially Zapadnaja presentations and effects invariata, the principle of asymmetry, border crossing and theft, which carry sense. The work was podpolno education (in the positive sense), because it can enjoy scientific thinking, to learn many things from the area psychology, and it often will not even notice the presence of the science that often unfairly perceived as something dry and boring.

Inverted attention to the importance of curiosity and curiosity. They are important as in science and inventions, and in everyday life. The combination of knowledge in various areas, the question that also injured, is no less important. Deeper and more detailed books on this subject, "the Medici Effect" from Franz Johansson and books about the life of Humboldt (Andrea Wulf- "the Discoverer of nature“), who not only were interested in various scientific fields, but tried, all his life is helping scientists to work together regardless research their interests. Even the writing books of Humboldt, which affected many scholars of later generations, because a lot of inertia from multidisciplinary approach. Alexey Ivanov also uses the effect different points of view on one clear and interesting way. In General the book worth reading and takes only a few hours.

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