Never dependent

Do you think if the people who sell you diets, are the same that helped you to load the kilos? This is one of the many things you learn from books.
Diet no how to help you in the long run, because face against (unsuccessfully) with multiple physiological mechanism of the human body that helped us survive for thousands of years, and we have nice cars gaining weight. Someone objasnjava if you how to follow a restricted diet is not hungry, at the same time, you feel satisfied and full of energy? Hardly! Often found saying: "If you have a strong willpower, you can do it and will oslabnet." Nonsense. Will will only work if you have to deal with 5-10 kg of excess weight. Otherwise it has no chance. Because you have to deal with all the problems that the diet to ignore or belittle. But the appetite, the hormones that are not normal, and drug addiction. Oh yeah, most of the people are dependent on certain industrial inventions that are consumed, and therefore they are not to blame. The real culprits earn their backup, and besides, they forgot that they are morally responsible. And even some even does not put any restrictions. You will learn about a profitable business, which quite frankly explains to the customers that you could die from their food, but this does not reduce the number of people who visit them. There, it is quite logical reasons for this. What?

The purpose of this book is to save at least 10 years reading books and studies, as well as further experiments with hazardous and harmful diets. Did you know that one of the most common diets, books that they bring profit to several publishers, sometimes fatal. Interestingly, most of the people who run them are people, people who are victims of the side effects and women die at a certain age. And who do you think uses most of these diets? Unless it was men? Do you know who these diets? And you want to know?

How can we prevent Bulgarian children from becoming huge, as an American? How to find out more about their wrong policy in the field of healthcare advertising manipulation on children is dangerous to health, the rules in schools. American society as a vast experimental field that we can use if we're clever enough. Nutrition, in extreme cases enough to know how to apply the Americans, and not to accidentally copy their proven Donu dietary recommendations.

We present to you an idea for a movie script. The people of one country go to bed tonight with a weight in the norm and in good condition, but in the morning most of them Wake up overweight or obese. If you think it's too fanciful and fantastic, no less think. Because we are talking about a real fact. What has already happened. But forgotten. But I remember it. Individuals with individual efforts, without much outside help, were able to affect the health of the nation (and therefore the world) through the impact on policy in the field of health. These stories need to know, to remember and to repeat as much as necessary so we can learn from them and not repeat the same mistakes in other places, under the pretext that we did not know what the consequences will be.

From the book "Never been addicted. How is the change! (Sowhite diet and remain weak)" you know what evolutionary hurdles for quick weight loss and situationniste barriers to a healthy diet, can there be "infected" from obesity, which is a fat and its benefits, what is the connection between your car and loss programs weight food stores and weight, and between vehicles Caucasia and obesity, as well as four shocking stupid ways to lose weight. You will learn how to be a city without typethe why fructose is a hidden cause of obesity, why don't you come to lose weight with a successful diet how you can earn from addiction to diet how to get rich from the food that is advertised that it is dangerous to health and, last but not least, who actually we sell weight loss. You will become clear who probota world poor fats which nutritional regimes and diets are dangerous to health, some pharmaceutical failure in the fight against fat and obesity, as well as the fact that the exact value of the following critical concepts: force of body weight, glycemic index, glycemic load, insulin index, cefaly phase and the incretins.
The book will give answers to the questions:
Can artificial sweeteners replace sugar?
Do I need to fight against soft drinks?
Who uses the tactics of "To sarium like children"?
How does an American country subsidizes obesity of its population?
What is American food?
Why most American families are unable to cook?
How to measure calories in food?
Why BMI?
How brown fat can help you lose weight?
What is more important: diet or movement?
Why metabolite health is more important than extra pounds?
In the third part you will learn how to use their new knowledge, habits and skills, things and positive affirmations, the environment, and environment to achieve positive changes in behaviour, start to eat differently, move and only then to lose weight. I wish you success. It depends mainly on you but little support, at the right time is always useful. Use this book for support.

Below there is a link to my latest book that will be printed. If do you know anyone who needs valuable information, assistance and solutions nutrition and changing habits, are interested in the health of children or just wants to learn interesting facts about drug abuse in industrial food, can pay him the link. This is my first experience to sell books "green" (that is, before it was printed). The aim of the project is several months to be received no less than 100 pre-orders to you can then go to print. If not collecting the required number that is unlikely (because the book is worth reading and more interesting even than the first part of "a Short way from diet to Anonymous laconic“), all the money will be returned.

In the book will explain why diet may be a big mistake, and how changes will not become a reality without 3 very important elements. Without them there is an effective diet, and they cannot be overlooked if we want long-term changes.

Check the contents and if precedes that the book can be useful to someone, share the link for people who would like to be more healthy, as individuals and society, and not to repeat the mistakes of others! And thank you for your cooperation!

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