I know why the bird sings in the cage of Maya Angelou

Book Maya Angelou "I Know why the bird sings in a cage" is a touching and a sincere story about the life and feelings of one of Chernokozov girl in the American society intolerant in the first half of the twentieth century. Is to read. Interestingly, in the annotation, which is located on the rear panel the book in the Bulgarian language seems to have been written by someone who did not labour to read it, because a numeric value facts used for advertising differs from the truth. Says that Yura Johnson is a victim of the rape of seven - in fact, this happens when in 8 years with a friend mother and.After her rapist will be killed little Maya feels responsible for his death and immersed in the silence, but it's not progovara again only 13 years old as it is written on the back of the book, and once again, verbanet its communication with different people at different times (for example, even a brother won't stop talking in General, it is the silence before the rest of them). Also claimed that 15 already gave birth to son according to the text, this occurs when either the 16 or 17години (not clear if you gave birth to 17th birthday).

Book is defined as the summary, but this is not accurate because it refers to events and perceptions, with only childhood one Chernokozov girl and the legend ends when he is 16. No, as this summary presentation only in one period of life, regardless of the fact that it is extremely important and it learned tolerance for others. Because Angelou Maya (1928-2014) not a in USA girl. She was the first black konduktorka in the tram, first a black woman Director, professors at universities, writer, poet, winner of the award "Grammy". In the 60 years of the twentieth century, shoulder to the shoulder, and Martin Luther king and Malcolm Ex in battle for afroamerikanische civil rights, and when she died, President bill Clinton recognized with sadness, America has lost a national treasure.

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