Via Pontica 2018. Cross-running from Romania to Bulgaria

To cross the marathon Via Pontica I do not cook at all. Although I do not like bahanita on flat terrain, I decided to participate in this event because the route included two States, and was along the sea. Distance to 21 km is quite short compared to the mountain ultramarathon, but somehow I have not been Jogging for several months, no I plual, not eating high quality, and I'm tired of the daily sitting in the sun as the Savior. To get a three-day weekend in which to go to Balchik to escape and return to Ravadinovo, had to work seven days a week for almost the entire month.

Briefly describe how will the race itself, as my trip to the place where organizirala event includes a variety of distances for running (I've decided not to participate in the classic marathon of 42 km, because it included the same route, probalan twice, and as it seems to me, very boring). Previously I called a few places in Krapets, which offer cheaper housing and at another place, providing a Bungalow, but everything was full. I decided that to save money for an apartment and will sleep somewhere on the beach. I had, however, no tent, no sleeping bag, in this moment. I thought about it, if not ask hasanat thinner blanket, but I thought I would weigh nothing and I only took a few t-shirts with short sleeves and one with long blouse that you can wear one by the other to obtain several layers of clothing that provide insulation from the cold if it is windy. It turned out that it! But it was so late. At the last moment and found the transport from Varna to Balchik 5 LV one way, through the web site for carpool Early on the morning of 1 September, a colleague drove me to the bus station in Sozopol, hence went to the front, where the train to Varna, and then another four people in one car, we arrived and Krapetz early today. I saw that there was a chemical toilet on the beach, and I decided that at least the problem with the toilet fades away. Left to find a suitable place to sleep on the beach and register to participate in the race. While I was waiting to start registrariat, popluar a bit in the sea and met one of the two adult lifeguards on the beach (very long beach strip end of Tyulenovo there were only two saving post with such a Savior. His posts were segnali bake seven ruhnke (four purely naked, and three, Monokini) with a dog, and he was not making work, looking out to sea. Once I got racing room and I waited for the darkness completely, nastena for the night in one of the two giant beds (referring to the raised wooden platforms on average, hard mattresses on them, which in this case was wet), located in the sand - something like a curtain from a fabric covered ceiling and three of the sides of this design. On the less humid the mattress platform, I set the only dry mosquito for deck chair that I found on the beach. Put four or five t-shirts short sleeve on top of one another, one of whom was hooded, and long sleeve blouse put on them. The law with one barbaron (just put it on myself), and I tried to start Pope. The night was quite flushed and had pinned one curtain from the backpack that served me a pillow, and the other to hold the right hand most of the time to keep me slightly from the wind. In the left hand I was holding a flashlight that preduprejdali couples and drunken companies, the position has been filled. Not passed without incident with the stupid perimete with an underdeveloped sense of humor, which obviously felt that it was very fun to make dirty someone. I think two drunk guys I drew the curtain, and I threw sand in the eyes, as we could quickly run away, laughing. Was and night fireworks, but the tails I managed paspa. This morning I got up early, and after I saw that the chemical toilet is closed with a chain, you may have to go to the nearest grove. Then I got dressed for running and the prayers of the feet with magnesium (this type of magnesium absorbed by the body much faster than tabletta form) to not get cramps too early during the race, which was quite possible, after I run months. I put my backpack in storage in one of the tents of the organizers and took with me only a personal card and spasitelia belt at the waist, which I was heavy GSM and a small camera. It turned out that almost did not use them (except for the photo of the coast), that is really nothing and mycah zone for the whole race, in the form of a watermark, it from one hand to the other, as I was not comfortable to wear it on your waist while I run. The coach is supposed to send us up to 2 Maya (the name of the village) in Romania, where Trygve of premaratna, but it turned out that they came fewer vehicles than they need and some competitors may have to stand in micropunctate, while we are in Romania. The organizers of the "Green step" svinia the end of the race for lack of insured buses by the Romanian side, but it was not a serious problem (and it was not their fault) – however, all made it on time to the point of beginning. Trygve from the municipality 2 the Maya, where for half an hour most of the competitors of rantahaka, and some even Zagrava running (which doesn't make much sense, provided that we do not participate in spantov discipline where it is desirable that the muscles were pre-warmed, and in palamartsa the distance at which there is enough time to degrees during the run and does not need you to run in advance). When you start get any slupcane, which is typical for long bahane - all Botha the front, regardless of their behove opportunities. In the end, what does it matter if you leave first, if you can't run fast for long distances. I, of course, poleglyh with the latter group, but still on the first kilometer I began to ispreserved people because it was moving too slowly. After eventually mild uphill on the highway, and we went out into the passage along the sea I increased a bit the tempo to a constant speed, which does not sadhavah and continued to ispreserved individual riders. As pagename Romanian resort Vama rastignac of a girl running with such speed that seemed good at the moment, and I continued the race with her. On the Bulgarian-Romanian border everything was organized in advance, and nobody has stopped us - we were escaping. I noticed that the girl bagame together escaravage as when we were in the shade, and reduce the pace when dejenme directly under the sun's rays. In addition, sadhale (I told her I had to calm her breathing and coordinate it with the pace to run, but I don't know how much I paid attention) and constantly looking at the clock, which babakale from time to time. I assumed that has set itself some purpose related to racing, and I have decided and helped to finish the distance a little faster.

Other racers we ispravkama solely on otkrepitelnyh checkpoints where you Baveno just a few minutes, but wanting to have a good time going out in seconds. While bagame on the hard ground, Lina was holding, but when he joined on a sandy phase of the race, it seemed, collapsed, and it was hard to escape. Started to move a step, but after a few minutes, I had her nadham runs very slowly, but with constant tempo and without stopping. Overall, I could run faster and pull quite a bit on this site, but since I wasn't competing for the top spot, I decided that it makes no sense to hurry. In addition it was terribly hot and sometimes I had the feeling that my brain swells and starts to pulse in his head - the first signs of the imminent sunstroke. When we're on kilometer, and in the end, I left Lina to wrap yourself running and to feel more vividly that managed to finish with good speed mainly due to their own efforts and perseverance. As for me there was a boy, I skorich and finished in a time of 2:23:hours 55h. At the end of the race I increased the speed for two main reasons. First, slow the speed at which dejenme with Lina last 5 km, I started to feel the first signs that I'll get crump on the right foot and as Oskari pace ispagnac this point, completing the race without any error, although I was not pre-begova training. Second, didn't want someone to beat me the last mile, and that's assuming that I have strength and energy enough miles. Although my main goal for me was to not last, was presented unexpectedly well, as will be seen from the ranking. Men I was in 45th place out of 66 participants, but I'm not interested in how many people (men and women) is to me and how much is left after me, that is how I was ahead after the last to leave: a total of 21 men and 25 women (only 13 women were up to me) or a total of 46 people.

I personally believe that I'm the best in ultramarathon more than 50km, 21km from but premaratne be considered as well, and it put effort and I had practiced in advance, while after the race I feel pretty good, not too tired and in the coming days, I usually have no muscle fever. However, cross-race helped, and magnesium, which are the prayers in advance.

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